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What can you do if you are in financial trouble?

There are different ways to handle financial problems.  Find out which one is right for you.

If, for example:

~ your home is in danger of, or already in foreclosure,

~ a creditor has threatened to or has repossessed your car or truck,

~ you are being harassed by creditors,

~ you have lost income or have had a medical catastrophe,

~ or simply can not afford to pay debts and still have enough money to feed your family,

then some form of relief is most likely available to you. 

You should talk with a professional to determine which option would be most helpful. 

We offer a confidential consultation. 

Call  1-800-863-2818 to talk or to schedule a time to come in and meet. 

Whatever you choose to do, you should have all the information available to you before you decide. 

Your Credit Report

Under Vermont Law you are allowed to receive one free copy of your credit report from each credit reporting agency every 12 months.

You do not need to pay for these reports unless you have requested a report within the last year from the same company. Don’t be confused by the agencies telling you you can get your credit score for money.  You do not need your credit score, only the report, which is free.

You will need to enter your SS#, your birth date and the numeric portion of your address. The report will be sent to you in a week or two.

Disclosure Department
P.O. Box 740241
Atlanta, Georgia 30374
(800) 685-1111

National Consumer Assistance Center
P.O. Box 2104
Allen, Texas 75013
(888) 397-3742

Consumer Disclosure Center
P.O. Box 1000
Chester, Pennsylvania 19002
(800) 888-4213

Or you can visit, or

To dispute something on your credit report, please click here for Credit Dispute Information.


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